Yoga & Workshops

"Movement is a medicine for creating change."


Per CDC recommendations, all individuals must wear masks while inside the building.

Due to COVID-19 we ask all students to register through our website, prior to attending class.
Please text or call 484-416-8576 to register for all same-day classes, up to one hour in advance.
If you do not see the class available to book on the website, you can still text or call this number to register.

Private 1:1 Sessions

Develop your body-breath connection.
Practice movement and flow.
Build self-awareness.
Tune into your physical and emotional feelings.
Learn to release stress and reduce tension.
Reconnect with your body.
Increase your confidence.
If you have any questions regarding class type or payment, please contact our Yoga Coordinator, Megan, at

Group Classes

Yoga for EVERY body.

We have a variety of group yoga classes no matter your level of skill, flexibility, mobility, or experience.

Choose from:

Read, Breathe, Move
Chair Yoga

Gentle/Mindful Movement

* We encourage all participants to bring their own mat for all yoga classes. We have props available.
**All participants are required to wear a mask. If you arrive without one, a mask will be provided. All are subject to temperature checks. 

Join us in a class!

Multi-class packages available.


Gentle Yoga

Taught by Megan Luybli

This class will incorporate breathwork and simple yoga postures. The class will begin with an opening meditation followed by a short flow to warm up the body and ending with deep, connecting postures to lead us into a longer savasana. This gentle class is suitable for all levels and abilities. No prior knowledge of yoga is needed.


Taught by Megan Luybli

Our restorative yoga practice allows you to move out of the mind and be present. The incorporation of intentional breath and slow flow of movement helps to calm the nervous system and provide a sense of harmony. We use dim lighting and candles to create a peaceful environment. No prior knowledge of yoga is needed.


Taught by Anna Rasmussen

This gentle form of yoga is practiced sitting on a chair or using a chair for support during standing poses. Chair yoga can help increase flexibility, circulation, strength, improve balance, and relieve stress. This class is suitable for older adults, individuals with coordination/ balance issues, or those with a physical injury or disability.


Taught by Larissa Noto

A calming, centering yoga practice, combining gentle yoga postures, pranayama (breathwork) and meditation. This intuitive class will feature personal modifications and emphasize integrating mind, body, soul and breath, all within a playful, safe environment -- a great way to unwind and reset and ease your way into your day.


All-Levels Flow

Taught by Megan Luybli

Commonly referred to as "flow" yoga, Vinyasa poses are synchronized to the breath bringing strength to the mind-body connection. This flow provides a dynamic and creative sequence that incorporates building fire in the body, followed by a cool down and savasana. Recommended for after a long day at work or high-intensity exercise. All levels welcome, but some yoga experience preferred.


Taught by Larissa Noto

Yin is a slow-paced style that helps to reduce stress, increase circulation, and stretch your connective tissues
improving flexibility and mobility. 

Inspired Flow

Taught by Deanna Nagle

Rise and shine for this challenging flow class - a creative sequence of poses linked together with the breath. This class requires weight bearing and is best suited for those with some yoga experience or fitness routine. Expect inspiring themes related to mind, body and spirit each week and motivating playlists. Options are given to make the practice accessible to multiple levels.

Somatic Flow

Taught by Deanna Nagle

In our fast-paced, over-stimulated world, the need to slow down and be present is becoming more important than ever. In this practice, we begin with gentle, fluid movements on the ground to prepare the nervous system and calm our minds. We then progress through a slow flow-style class that brings subtle awareness to our bodies by linking poses, breath and attention. Our practice ends with relaxation, breathwork and meditation.

Specialized and Workshops


Taught by Larissa Noto

A uniquely designed yoga class to nurture a mom-to-be (as well as moms who recently gave birth) in a supportive environment. This class is designed for moms in all stages of pregnancy to connect with other moms, and provide emotional and physical support. Prenatal Yoga provides you with tools to prepare your body for all of the changes it goes through during pregnancy, childbirth, and beyond. Each class will focus on strength and stamina, as well as concentration and breath control to aid mom in labor and delivery, and culminate in restorative poses to support mom-to-be in rest and relaxation. This class is appropriate for women in all stages of pregnancy. No prior knowledge of yoga is needed.

Read, Breathe, Move

Taught by Jennifer Sarnitsky

The ultimate mind/body class, “Read, Breathe, Move” is an empowering book club/yoga practice that begins with a 30-minute themed yoga practice based on concepts in the book and finishes with a group discussion of the weekly theme. A new book will be chosen for each series. We recently finished Untamed, by Glennon Doyle and will be featuring Wild by Cheryl Strayed starting on Tuesday, August 3rd! Join us and leave feeling supported, reflective and inspired! In order to best create a safe and supportive environment conducive to personal growth and development, students are encouraged to register for the full, four week series. Of course, drop ins are permitted as space allows. The link below includes book purchase. Please use code: BOOK if you already own, or plan to source from your local library or book store.

Next Start Date:  August 10th
Book:  Wild by Cheryl Strayed

Reiki Workshop

Taught by Dana Montoya-Massey


Taught by Larissa Noto

Situational Awareness

Taught by Dave Ordini

Plant Therapy


Yoga Nidra

Taught by Sherry Baublitz

Art Expression

Taught by Lisa Nawaz