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Cognitive Behavioral Therapy,
Dialectal Behavioral Therapy,
Acceptance/Commitment Therapy
Intuitive Eating,
Gastrointestinal Intolerance,
Sports Nutrition

Massage & Reiki

A gentle massage geared toward promoting the movement of fluid through the central nervous system. A relief for tension and stress, this massage has been known to benefit PTSD, depression, anxiety, trauma, insomnia, and many other mental health/emotional issues.
lymphatic drainage
A massage to help to increase lymph flow with a light pressure and gentle rhythmic strokes. Proper flow in the lymphatic system can push out the toxins in your body, reduce swelling, and relieve fatigue.

A deep tissue massage using slow and pressured strokes that focuses on triggers points, muscle adhesions, and connective tissue patterns. Neuromuscular Therapy (NMT) helps minimize compressed nerves, muscle spasms, and poor blood flow.

Deep tissue
A massage technique used to treat musculoskeletal issues, such as strains and sports injuries. It involves applying sustained pressure using slow, deep strokes to target the inner layers of your muscles and connective tissues.

A massage designed to relax the entire body, helping to increase oxygen levels, improve circulation, and flexibility.

Trigger Point
A focus on trigger points throughout the body that cause pain due to inflamed tissue within the muscles. Trigger point therapy can help minimize chronic pain after repeat and consistent sessions.

A blend of deep tissue and Swedish massages, allowing for relaxation benefits, while targeting
problematic areas.

Hot or cold stone
Hot stones are used to help relax the body by melting away tension, easing muscle stiffness and increasing circulation. Cold stones are a summer-time favorite to alleviate pain issues and promote well-being.

A therapeutic massage that can help reduce anxiety, decrease symptoms of depression, and relieve muscle aches and joint pain related to pregnancy. This specialty massage is recommended only after reaching the second trimester.

reiki-Based massage
Through light touch and transmission of energy, this massage helps a patient start to decompress and begin a gentle, natural healing. Reiki can reduce pain, anxiety, depression, and fatigue. It can boost your mood and also be used to alleviate headaches, insomnia, and nausea.
thirty-minute massage
Add a 30-minute massage before, or after your chiropractic session.

ninety-minute massage
When 60 minutes just isn't enough.
Couple a full-body massage with an extra 30 minutes devoted to a particular problem area.

Reiki Session
Reiki is a form of complementary medicine -- a flow of energy through the hands that promotes healing. A whole-person technique, it includes a relaxation of the body, emotions, mind, and spirit, bringing peace, security, and well-being. Choose 60 or 90 min.
Sound-vibration therapy
This therapy uses vibrational tones to gently shift the body back into balance. Sound and vibration can aid in the creation of space through deep relaxation, promoting the reduction
of stress, pain, depression, and emotional distress.

Yoga & Meditation

Through group classes and private 1:1 sessions, our yoga and meditation offerings will help you develop your breath-connection, practice movement and body flow, build self-awareness, and tune into your physical and emotional feelings.
Learn to release stress, reduce tension, reconnect with your body, and increase your confidence.
Teen yoga
An introduction to yoga, mindfulness and meditation in a 6-week series. Teens will explore different styles of yoga and breathing techniques, play games, and complete art activities, while developing body awareness and coping skills for stress, increase confidence, and strengthen and stretch the body.
Next start date:  TBD

Gentle flow
This class will incorporate breathwork and simple yoga postures, beginning with an opening meditation, and followed by a short flow to warm up the body. It will end with deep, connecting postures that lead into a long savasana. The class is suitable for all levels and abilities. 
chair yoga
This gentle form of yoga is practiced sitting on or using a chair for support during standing poses. Chair yoga can help increase flexibility, circulation, strength, improve balance, and relieve stress. This class is suitable for older adults, individuals with coordination/balance issues, or those with a physical injury or disability.

Intermediate flow
This class is for individuals with some yoga experience. Explore beyond your boundaries while synchronizing conscious breathing with a progressive series of powerful movements to gain flexibility, balance, and strength. Modifications provided as necessary.

Stretch and flow
In our fast-paced, over-stimulated world, the need to slow down and be present is becoming more important than ever. In this meditative practice, we begin with warm-ups on the mat, and progress to a slow-flow style to help balance and calm the nervous system. The sequences include both strengthening and flexibility movements, bringing subtle awareness to our bodies by linking movement, breath and attention.
warm flow
Come unwind with this slow flow class which incorporates a slower pace and longer holds for a mindful approach to exploring movement with breath. Slow doesn't necessarily mean easy, and this class will help you improve strength, stamina, and flexibility, while melting away tension and integrating the mind-body connection. It is practiced in a gently heated room. Some yoga experience is recommended.

Somatic Yin (trauma-informed)
A calming, centering yoga practice, combining gentle yoga postures, breathwork, and meditation. This intuitive class will feature personal modifications and emphasize integrating mind, body, soul, and breath, all within a playful, safe environment - a great way to unwind, reset, and ease your way into your day.

read, breathe, move series
An empowering book club that begins with a 30-minute themed yoga practice based on concepts in the book and finishes with a group discussion. A new book is chosen for each series. Join us and leave supported, reflective, and inspired. The link below includes the class series and book purchase.

Next start date:  TBD
Book: Wild by Cheryl Strayed

Virtual Visits

Through our HIPAA-compliant video platform, we’re able to provide online coaching to our clients.
Our team will create a plan to meet your personalized goals and lifestyle with all of the same amazing benefits of an in-person consultation with the convenience you need to maintain your busy schedule.

*Not all insurances cover telehealth visits.

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