Yoga, Meditation & Reiki

"Movement is a medicine for creating change."

Private 1:1 Sessions

Develop your body-breath connection.
Practice movement and flow.
Build self-awareness.
Tune into your physical and emotional feelings.
Learn to release stress and reduce tension.
Reconnect with your body.
Increase your confidence.

What is Vinyasa and Yin Yoga?

Commonly referred to as "flow" yoga, Vinyasa poses are synchronized to the breath bringing strength to the mind-body connection.

Yin is a slow-paced style that helps to reduce stress, increase circulation, and stretch your connective tissues
improving flexibility and mobility. 

What is Restorative Yoga?

The fixation and obsession with the physical appearance of the body can lead to an emotional struggle and overall daunting feeling of taking of space. Our restorative yoga practice allows you to move out of the mind and be present. The incorporation of intentional breath and slow flow of movement helps to calm the nervous system and provide a sense of harmony.  The experience acts as part of a  healing process toward listening and honoring your body.


Reiki is the universal life energy that flows within us. It is energy work to help restore one’s physical and emotional well-being (either hands on or through distance) by clearing the chakras- the seven wheels of energy from the base of the spine to the crown of the head.

Our EMPOWER Reiki Masters, Malissa and Dana, offer individual reiki sessions or can incorporate this healing modality on the yoga mat.

Distance Reiki Session

(Single Session)

Distance Reiki Package

(Four Sessions)


The mindful practice of meditation can silence limiting-beliefs, self-judgements, and environmental distractions. While all can benefit, the role of meditation in disordered eating and body dysmorphia can help in the awareness of self, reduce negative thoughts and restraints, and cultivate a positive relationship between the body and mind. 

Virtual Group Meditation

(Single Session)

1:1 Virtual Meditation Pack

(Four Sessions)