Value The Journey

This blog was inspired by personal experience.

Recently, my boyfriend and I moved into our first home after renting for a few years. We were in the market for, and definitely found, a “fixer upper.” The house is old, needs updates and a lot of work, but it is perfect for us.

We found exactly what we were looking for, it just requires some TLC. It has great potential and little by little we will remodel, rebuild and add our personal touches to every nook and cranny. 

This is a very exciting time with plans, lists, furniture, paint… all arrows pointing to a beautiful transformation. But we know this is only the beginning; there are years of adventure ahead as we put all of this into action. 

As we were working through all of the motions — the stress, excitement, exhaustion — I got to thinking: How is this any different than when I guide people on their personal journey to lifestyle changes? It is a perfect analogy. 

We often become frustrated, overwhelmed and discouraged at the thought of all the work involved in achieving our personal goals. When we just think about how far we have to go, we are robbed of the joy and excitement that comes with the bold decision to make a change.

You must keep your enthusiasm in the interim. The frustrating and confusing times are leading you to something great. We must remember to carry that sense of adventure with you every step of the way.

At that moment, your timeline seems less daunting because you are not viewing it as just a start and finish line. You are placing value on all of the lessons and growth that lie ahead.

When you decide to make a lifestyle change, realize that the journey is complex. It requires a positive attitude and an open mind. Don’t let the length of the journey discourage you.

When you decide to make a lifestyle change, you are deciding to challenge yourself. It may be uncomfortable but those temporary feelings lead to great accomplishment. Surround yourself with a support system, stay positive, recognize all progress and keep your eye on the prize. This mindset will push you forward. This mindset will challenge you and this mindset will benefit you. 

Just like a house, evaluate the foundation, make the plans, keep an open mind, tackle the challenges and value the progress. Before you know it, the house becomes a home. Give yourself that same TLC and value the journey.