September 15


The Path to a Healthy Lifestyle — Part Two

By Andrea Barnes

September 15, 2018

Last week Coach Dave taught me how to find my rhythm on the mat. While it appeared that I was just flailing my arms and legs, that flow of continuous “weapons” is known in Krav Maga as “Retzev.” One must control and conquer the kinetic energy in the self-offensive motions.

This concept of finding rhythm, however, does not just pertain to the fight. Every morning offers us an opportunity. We are free to choose to do what we love, or stress ourselves out with trifles and be unfocused — to be calm, or rush around and be completely chaotic. Make yourself available to accept the tune, to find and feel the rhythm. When you find the rhythm, every experience can be a profound adventure and the song writes itself.

“Jab, cross, elbow, knee…”

Picking Apart the Specifics 
In this video Coach Dave points out a specific “tell” that I have, and didn’t event realize I was doing. This happens because I’m drawing my power from the wrong place when I kick.  It also means I need to work on lengthening and strengthening my neck and back muscles to improve my posture.

Drawing Power From the Hips
No Hip Rotation (1)
No Hip Rotation (2)
Corrected Hip Rotation
Through a series of minute corrections, I was able to achieve the appropriate hip rotation necessary to fuel the kick.

The same goes for wellness.  Through a series of small changes we can change behavior, accept the tune, and feel the rhythm. This is how we achieve a healthy lifestyle.

Andrea Barnes

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