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Coaching Services

Our coaching services are designed to help you identify and change your eating behaviors and physical activity patterns. We’ll help you recognize environmental triggers, gain stimulus control and incorporate mindful and intuitive eating techniques.

We’ve designed personalized package options that offer a goal-centered approach to help you implement healthy habits and achieve that overall healthy lifestyle.



Let us get to know you better,
understand your goals,
and make sure we're the best fit for you.

Disordered Eating

There is a fine line between an eating disorder and disordered eating, yet they often blur together as a misguided twin. The former is a strict diagnosis -- disorders we have heard of like anorexia nervosa or bulimia that have specific and narrow criteria. One who subconsciously practices disordered eating, however, is trickier to detect as a serious health concern since its eating patterns may not display all the classic symptoms typically identified with an actual disorder. A person exhibiting disordered eating habits and behaviors also may be experiencing significant physical emotional and mental stress. Our approach involves a combination of cognitive behavioral and dialectal therapies, intuitive eating, and mindfulness-based techniques.

Gastrointestinal Disorders

Increased stress, disordered eating behaviors, and intolerances often lead to inflammatory bowel conditions. These conditions often lead to discomfort, indigestion, malabsorption, changes in bowel habits, weight change, and in some cases, nutrient deficiencies. Identifying which foods may trigger symptoms is only part of the process. Building self-awareness to understand both emotional and environmental triggers, as well as finding substitutions to help maintain nutritional balance are also important. Our team will help you navigate through your obstacles and intolerances, can recommend lab work, and provide recipes and meal prep ideas to help you build and keep a positive relationship with food.

Sports Nutrition

Whether a weekend warrior, a professional athlete, or anywhere in between, fueling your fitness requires an increased focus on nutrition. Navigation is difficult and the process is unique to everyone. Athletes can under- or over-fuel, or may be deficient in certain nutrients due to increased physical activity. Proper fueling is important for maximizing performance. The sports-world buzz promotes restrictive eating behaviors that may deprive your body of adequate nutrition, distracting from the ability to listen to your body's needs. Intuitive eating practices, gentle nutrition and mindfulness techniques can fuel your body for feeling and performing at its best. Our goal is to help you integrate these principles with science-based tips. 

Wellness Management

Personal Training

Physical activity should not be a
punishment or a way to reduce guilt.
At EMPOWER, physical activity is meant to be a form of self-care -- a celebration of what your body can do. Whether you're coming from the couch, the gym or the field, we're here to show you the proper way to move your body to best achieve your goals. Our sessions are designed to set you up for success. Your achievement starts with the decision to try. 

Yoga, Meditation & Reiki

Empowered yoga, meditation and reiki - a process of self-awareness. These practices provide a connection and exploration of the mind, body and soul, allowing for development of self-trust, confidence, and boundaries. While yoga can promote mobility, flexibility, and strength, our Vinyasa, Yin, and Restorative varieties, are more than just a flow of postures. The experience offers an opportunity to turn inward, deepen focus, and bring enlightenment. 

Therapeutic Photography

Reduce your self-limiting beliefs
and reclaim your self-image.

Through self-growth and a few snapshots you can learn to celebrate your body in a completely judgement-free environment. The EMPOWER team views all bodies with compassion and respect, and wants to provide you with an opportunity for self-care that leads to self-acceptance.

Massage Therapy

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Behavioral Health

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Fitness and Self-Defense

Our EMPOWER Team partners with several gym facilities to provide even more tools for self-awareness, self-confidence, and self-care.

Virtual Visits

Through our HIPAA-compliant video platform, we’re able to provide online coaching to our self-pay clients.
Our team will create a plan to meet your personalized goals and lifestyle with all of the same amazing benefits of an in-person consultation with the convenience you need to maintain your busy schedule.

Medical Nutrition Therapy, 
Preventive Care

Under the guidance of a Registered Dietitian, Medical Nutrition Therapy may be covered by your health insurance plan. Most insurance plans only cover the in-person visits, and not all the additional benefits you receive in our packages.

We will gladly submit your visit fees to your insurance plan, however, additional package costs will be billed as an out-of-pocket expense.

* NOTE: Please verify your coverage for both in-person and/or telehealth visits.

Don't see your insurance plan on the list?

We will gladly give you a copy of your superbill to submit  to your insurance company for reimbursement.  Please request a copy at the time of payment.



Let us get to know you better,
understand your goals,
and make sure we're the best fit for you.