Body Acceptance

Let's talk about diet culture...

The fixation and obsession with the physical appearance of the body can lead to an emotional struggle and overall daunting feeling of taking of space. Diet culture creates this false idea of the “perfect” and “healthy” body, but constantly thinking about food and your body isn’t truly healthy. We’re left feeling exhausted, unworthy, and defeated. 

Does this sound familiar?

  1. Constantly picking yourself apart and comparing it to the body of your younger self
  2. Feeling anxiety over what to wear -- nothing feels comfortable
  3. Constantly worried about the number on the scale
  4. Telling yourself “I’ll be good tomorrow” and then eating everything in sight
  5. Feeling disconnected from your body’s biological cues

What if you could relax and feel safe in your body?

Body acceptance allows us to know that our worth is not defined by our bodies.

We are worthy no matter the size or shape and it’s time for you to recognize that you are worthy of feeling empowered in your own skin. The experience acts as part of a healing process toward listening and honoring your body.

1:1 Body Acceptance Coaching

1:1 body acceptance coaching allows us to take a deep dive into the limiting beliefs you have about your body, ditch diet culture's ridiculous beauty standards, how to take care of yourself during tough body image moments, and develop your self-care toolbox. Individual support allows me to walk beside you as your ally in your body acceptance journey.


6 group sessions

*Purchase of the 6-session package is the first step in our work together.
After this package you have a choice of whether to renew for an additional six sessions or purchase individual sessions separately.
All sessions are 45-minutes long.


Build Self-Awareness, Gain Self-Confidence, and Find Self-Acceptance

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Intuitive Eating

Imagine having a peaceful relationship with food, being able to trust your body’s biological cues, stop restricting and finally giving yourself full permission to enjoy all foods.

Intuitive Eating (IE) is a non-diet approach to eating that focuses on internal cues to guide food choices and movement. The process involves learning how to trust your inner body wisdom without judgment or influence from diet culture rules. It is the place you land when you’re sick and tired of your self war with food, body, and movement.
The EMPOWER Certified Intuitive Eating Counselors
will work with you to:
  1. Give up dieting for good  
  2. Accept your body at ANY size and learn to fight fatphobia
  3. Make choices based on self-care and find food peace
  4. Trust yourself around all foods and giving yourself permission to eat what you truly want to eat
  5. Stop the binge-restrict cycle, navigate emotional eating, and cultivate positive coping skills
  6. Navigate your relationship with exercise and start engaging in movement as a form of self-care

... and most importantly, reclaim your life!

Become an intuitive eater with our 6-month body acceptance/IE package.

*Best for individuals who want to heal their relationship with food, body, and movement

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EMPOWER works from a place of empathy.

- lacia a. 

I appreciate that the EMPOWER team works from a place of empathy, with the ultimate goal of healing your relationship with food and fitness. They take a whole person-centered approach and provide practical guidance along the way.