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EMPOWER offers personalized guidance to overcome
self-limiting beliefs that distort views of reality in a world flooded with skewed images of health. Our comprehensive services help build self-awareness and self-confidence, implement self-care, maintain a genuine connection
with food and cultivate body trust. We will prevent
you with a unique approach to fully influence the
mind-body connection, help prioritize goals and make a
powerful impact on your overall way of life. 
Founder, CEO
Disordered Eating, GI Disorders

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Andrea Barnes


Registered Dietitian, Hockey Mom and Amateur Ninja are just a few hats this wife and mom of two boys wears. Andrea knows how challenging it can be to find balance. That's why she believes in lifestyle solutions that revolve around you and your family.

As a practitioner, Andrea believes in individualized, patient-centered care, and will work closely with each client to achieve his or her personalized goals. She believes in developing healthy habits - not diets and restrictions, and is dedicated to promoting nutritious foods as the number one prevention for chronic disease, while encouraging improved self-care practices, and nurturing positive relationships with food and the body. While her background is in nutrition science and clinical nutrition, Andrea has an intuitive approach to lifestyle transformation, helping to fill the gaps of traditional medicine and redefine health. 

She is currently pursuing a doctorate in behavioral health through Arizona State University and has been elected President-elect of the Pennsylvania Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. 

Alexa Leomporra


Alexa strongly believes that having success with your nutritional goals is never found through a quick fix, but is a skill that is to be learned and enjoyed as you find true success in everlasting health.

Alexa graduated with her bachelor's degree in Nutrition and Dietetics from West Chester University, and holds a master's degree in Sports Nutrition and Exercise Science from Marywood University. She also practices as a Clinical Dietitian, so she understands the medical complexities behind nutrition, which are the essential framework behind any area of dietetics.

She is passionate about helping others improve their nutrition and then integrating this into their fitness goals. She understands that foods is fuel, and is a tool to help you succeed. Whether you're an athlete or just beginning to incorporate physical activity, you will learn how to enhance performance, how to stop under-fueling, and find the key to your individual needs. 

Sports Nutrition

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Disordered Eating

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Sarah Mann


Sarah's interest in nutrition started at a young age due to her own struggle with weight and body image. This interest led her down the path of becoming a registered dietitian. After spending over 7 years of her career in geriatrics, she realized that her beliefs and professional interests were leading her in a different direction - disordered eating. She supports using a non-diet approach, using evidence-based nutrition and behavioral health methods, and believes that health cannot be determined by a number on the scale. She hopes to help others free themselves from diet culture, and build a healthier relationship with food and eating.

While being a wife and mom of two, Sarah also believes in continuing education to provide the best recommendations to her clients. She has sought additional learning experiences for building awareness of eating disorders, understanding the medical and psychological aspects, and the prevention and counseling in the treatment of those disorders. 

Megan Luybli


Megan's passions lie in helping clients on their journey through disordered eating, anxiety with movement, and encouraging body kindness. She is passionate about this topic because of her own body image and eating disorder journey. Working with Megan, you can expect evidence-based, client-centered, unwavering support through a Health-at-Every-Size, Intuitive Eating, and non-diet approach. She believes in a compassionate and restorative approach to recovery from disordered eating.  She also works with prenatal, pregnant, and post-partum women through their disordered-eating journey. She is a Certified Lactation Counselor and provides breastfeeding counseling and management support to mothers who are thinking about or currently breastfeeding. Megan will help guide you toward self-awareness and implementation of self-care through mindfulness.

With a bachelor's degree in Nutrition and Food Science from the University of Vermont, and a master of science degree in Community Nutrition, she is a newly credentialed registered dietitian, but brings skills and certifications that most cannot offer. Megan is also a certified yoga and meditation instructor. She offers yoga with a gentle, supportive style and has been sharing her teaching in Vermont and Pennsylvania since 2015. She has been drawn to the positive community and believes that by practicing yoga together, we can “see the good” in ourselves and each other. Studying yoga philosophy has complemented her background in nutrition and as an aspiring dietitian. 

Disordered Eating, Prenatal Nutrition,
Lactation Consulting, Yoga, Meditation

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Jennifer Sarnitsky

M.Ed., RYT

Jennifer Nuss


Sports Nutrition

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Alyssa Andrew

Therapeutic Photographer

Born and raised in Emmaus, PA, Alyssa is now a mom of three and sees every day as an amazing journey. You can often find her strolling the beaches of Sea Isle City with tots and camera in hand, or shopping our local farmers markets. But behind that busy mom of three is a passion for encouraging women to love and embrace their natural beauty and femininity, through both boudoir and lifestyle portraiture. She has dedicated her craft to helping women love themselves and their bodies as they are. As an advocate of the Body Positive and Women's Empowerment movements, her mission is promoting self-love, body acceptance, and challenging women to turn inward to reclaim the self.

She has been honing her "fine artistry" for over twelve years, and has found a way to truly capture emotion.

Malissa Grimsley

YYT, Reiki Master

Malissa is a  certified Vinyasa/Yin yoga instructor and reiki master. She honors the importance of incorporating mind, body, and soul, with each and every practice. Breathing techniques, meditation, essential oils, and energy clearing will help to quiet the mind and remove the blocks. Now offering one on one reiki and yoga sessions, Malissa instills a grounding, yet energizing practice, based on your individual needs. 

Dana Massey

BS, LMT, Reiki Master

Ashley Costenbader


Why Choose Us?

Registered Dietitians

Per the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, Registered Dietitians (RDs) are the food and nutrition experts that have earned their title by meeting required criteria. The road to becoming an RD includes: earning a bachelor of science degree after extensive coursework in anatomy and physiology, psychology, sociology, life cycle nutrition, public health, microbiology, biochemistry, food science, metabolism, and counseling strategies.  It then involves completion of an accredited dietetic internship, and passing a national registration exam. During their career RDs are required to remain informed of evidenced-based practices by completing continuing education credits. RDs are the qualified food and nutrition experts that have been adequately prepared to provide their patients, clients, and communities with the tools they need to live healthy lifestyles. 

Collaborative Care

Our team believes in interdisciplinary collaboration for your optimal health. By joining forces with behavioral health specialists, chiropractors, massage therapists, personal trainers, and yoga instructors, we know that you'll have every opportunity to discover the best version of yourself. Our whole-body-positive approach takes care of your physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being all under one roof. The benefits of collaborative care also include increased communication and access to quality care, improved patient outcomes, satisfaction, and engagement. We are determined to provide you, and the communities we serve with the best possible care. This is not just a preventive care experience, this is the proactive care needed to implement and sustain healthy habits that align with your highest self.  


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