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Haven’t written a lot of these so bear with me...  

I’m a relatively in-shape, 43-year-old, Krav Maga Instrcutor who was having a rough time breaking my physical plateau.  I recognized that my workout and training intensity needed to change slightly, due to my recovery time slowing...getting “older” sucks!  So, it was time to make a small, incremental, achievable dietary modification.  Enter Andrea and the recipe for the coconut, peanut butter, chocolate, cookie thingy.  Bye bye to my normal handful of chocolate-covered peanuts, and bye bye 6 pounds in 10 days!!!

Again, my approach was to make a single small change that didn’t effect my daily routine but did change a physical characteristic.  In this example, a dramatic weight loss that I can see in the mirror and feel in my clothes. 

Make taste modifications if you need to, but just do it, commit to it, and see results.  No joke!

-- Dave Ordini

Andrea is my nutritionist and is great at what she does.  Thanks to her I'm almost diabetic-free! My Hemoglobin A1C went from 12% to 6.8%, and I'm no longer starving myself. She even helps those with medical assistance and will work with you on a payment plan if your insurance doesn't cover the counseling.

-- Christine C.

I never thought I would actually be composing a healthy-food, healthy-lifestyle testimonial, but I just had to share the amazing news.  Recently I decided that enough was enough in regards to body, weight, diet and exercise.

I met Andrea and decided to sit down for a very basic consultation. Our discussion involved everything from eating healthful foods, exercise, and how to maintain this change in lifestyle. After all was said and done, I was convinced that with assistance from Andrea, this is not just picking out better foods to prepare and eat, but it involved a complete lifestyle change to diet and nutrition.

I was very skeptical for a simple reason: I was not educated about diet and nutrition. I chose not to be educated. Andrea instructed me to be open-minded, which I reluctantly agreed.

I was provided different kinds of materials to assist in the lifestyle change. I was, once again, reluctant to try any of the healthful food because it was so different than what I was used to making and eating. After a day or two of thinking about how to proceed, I had another meeting with Andrea. It was then that I was convinced to start the lifestyle change as soon as possible.

Andrea now became a “coach” and she set up a game plan but it was now my responsibility to follow that plan. During our meeting, she listened and allowed me to express my anxieties and concerns about taking the leap into a new lifestyle. Although the other info that was provided was very helpful, the one-on-one meeting is what I believe was the key. I actually looked forward to meeting with her!

After three or four days of following the plan, I started to notice a real difference in how I felt. No more bloated sensations, no more heartburn and even more important, I actually noticed some weight-loss. I was so excited; I made sure to let Andrea know about the good news. Five weeks later, I can say that I lost a total of 18.8 pounds and I am still going!  I set a goal and we will continue to work toward that goal. Was this an easy transition? NO! Was I assisted in making the transition into a healthier lifestyle? YES! And that was the key.

I am so happy with the results, thus far. I am so grateful for the assistance along the way! I still have more work to do, but with the assistance from my “coach,” this goal can and will be accomplished!

-- Dan S. 


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